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    Sinus Lift Surgery Alternatives

    sinus lift surgery alternatives

    Dental surgeons offer sinus lift surgery alternatives that include short implants and the crestal approach to their patients. It’s critical for patients to comprehend what happens during sinus lift surgery before jumping into conclusion. What is sinus lift surgery? Maxillofacial surgeons and periodontists also refer to it as sinus augmentation. Naturally, the upper jaw has less bone structure than the lower jaw since the roots of the teeth on the back jaw holds up the maxillary sinus. Missing teeth in this section makes sinus to drop down which in turn reduces the bone structure that supports a dental prosthesis. Sinus…

  • effects of physical abuse
    General Health

    Effects of physical abuse

    Both children and adults can be victims of physical abuse from those people they value in their lives. Apart from the physical abuse resulting to clear physical effects, it can also cause emotional effects on the victims. Some of the…

  • double depression
    Mental Health

    Everything You Need to Know About Double Depression

    Did you know that between 3% to 6% of world's population falls into double depression?. This is a condition where dysthymia, a persistent depressive disorder and major depressive disorder co-exist. Patients with dysthymia usually have symptoms of low energy levels…

  • confident smile
    Dental Health

    Ways to a Confident Smile

    If you want to enhance your individuality, then you ought to have a lovely, confident smile. Having white, perfectly-shaped teeth can transform your overall appearance. There is really nothing to be ashamed of your teeth as long as you adopt…

  • Why is dental care so expensive

    Why is dental care so expensive?

    Today dental care is becoming a common practice across different ages and gender creating huge demand on it. You need to schedule occasional visits to the dentist for dental checks and advice on the best practices. The nature and procedure…

  • multicultural group of smiling people

    Smiling people can make your day

    Beautiful smiles can turn sorrow into joy, anger into a cheer, and even fear into bravery. It is smiling that brightens up our Mondays when the weekend is over and turns a boring Friday to a wonderful one.

  • push a button for Stress management activities
    General Health

    Stress management activities

    The fact is that when one is focusing on something, it makes him/her to dynamically move, or act, in turn, keeps his/her mind busy and body working. There are people who tend to bite their fingers, other start grinding teeth…

  • optimism vs pessimism
    Mental Health

    Optimism vs Pessimism

    Over the years psychologists have examined many aspects of optimism vs pessimism. And they’ve tried to find out which approach is ‘better’. Naturally all of us are fascinated to see which way this one goes. The truth of the matter…