Broken Family

Effects Of A Broken Family On Children

Somewhere back in the days, having a divorce in a traditional family could mean the ultimate shame one could bring as news to their relatives. It surely involved rejection in most of the cases from the society. Nowadays we hear more and more about couples that divorce and more dangerous. I precisely mentioned the word “dangerous” because this is exactly what the term is for describing this kind of separating.

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For the couple itself, things can come back to normal in a relatively short period of time, but we are talking about children that are suffering the most when their parents live separately from a given time or from the very beginning.

Broken FamilyThe most important thing that gets affected by this is emotional intelligence. Children living in a broken family usually develop a sense of shame, probably a sense of guilt, and most of the times we can talk about breaking down their courage to face real problems in life. We mentioned the word “dangerous” before, and this is the most important reason why this kind of problems should benefit from a lot more attention they currently do. Children that experience this kind of problems in their own family tend to develop dark feelings like depression, anger or even the urge to revenge violently. This violence can come upon their colleagues at school, friends or even at them, and problems like drugs and alcohol or even crimes can occur if things aren’t handled in the right manner by their parents.

There are also separated parents that choose to divorce in a friendly way and still be friends even if they can’t function as a couple anymore. In this case, parents usually find a way of keeping enough contact if we can speak that way in order to not disturb their mental health. In some cases like this, the words of a parent to its child can be of a lot more help than those of a doctor, and the parents choose to keep a friendly relation for the sake of their children.

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