Mindfulness and Compassion: The Power to Transform Our Own Lives, Our Organizations, Our Communities – and the World

Something is stirring in our society – a sense by many that our current way of doing things is unsustainable. That we need more balance in our lives, and more emphasis on our own well-being, as well as the well-being of our families, workplaces, communities – and our planet. Part of the solution, for many, involves a look inward.

All Things Mindful is about opening up to our inner life, and becoming more aware of our emotions, our thoughts, our actions – and how they affect ourselves and others. It’s about feeling like we’re more in the present. And it’s about the way we treat each other – and the way we treat ourselves.

Come join us for a journey through what it can mean to live a mindful life. We have an extraordinary group of presenters who will help guide us. And we’ll have each other – and our own stories and experiences – to learn from and be inspired by. Be part of a community of people who are committed to exploring this path of living a more mindful life.