• micromastia

    Dealing with micromastia

    Micromastia also is known as breast aplasia, mammary hypoplasia or breast hypoplasia. It's a term which describes the postpubertal underdevelopment in the woman breast tissues. The development of breast is mostly asymmetric, where one breast might be small. It is…

  • cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

    The Beauty of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

    Not very long ago, certain body disorders were considered a permanent problem and nothing could be done to rectify them. However, that is a thing of the past and things have got better. With cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, patients can…

  • smile you're beautiful

    Smile You’re Beautiful

    Smile, you're beautiful. There is nothing more captivating than a beautiful smile that captivates the soul and doesn't only make you look good but also causes great security and trust. If you're looking to make your smile as beautiful as…