Dealing with micromastia

Micromastia also is known as breast aplasia, mammary hypoplasia or breast hypoplasia. It’s a term which describes the postpubertal underdevelopment in the woman breast tissues. The development of breast is mostly asymmetric, where one breast might be small. It is a congenital disability which is associated with abnormalities in the pectoral muscles, which is related to some trauma. Micromastia leads to discrepancy between the individual’s body image and her internal perception of the desired breast shape and size. To solve micromastia problems, breast enlargement can be done. The process is also called the augmentation mammoplasty where breast implants may be done. You can vist www.drbreastaugmentationsydney.com.au/breast-augmentation-cost/ to give you an idea of how much it’s gonna cost you.

Other solutions available for solving the problem include muscle flap reconstructive surgeries, fat grafting, microsurgical reconstruction. Micromastia can also be treated using hormone breast enhancers like estrogens. In the case of severe micromastia in a woman, uneven breast surgery is used. micromastia

Breast implants surgery helps to solve both the unilateral and bilateral micromastia problem. The doctor advises the right size, , and shape of the implants. In the case of bilateral micromastia operation, the surgeon uses the same size of implants. While in unirateral micromastia operation, the doctor uses implants, which helps breasts to have a similar size. The doctors may use regular silicone gel or gummy bear implants to create a very natural look in women who have little breast tissue since the implants have zero chances of rippling.

In the case of asymmetry breast, treatments such as breast uplift, breast reduction, or nipple repositioning may be done. Solving the asymmetry problem requires the doctor to make the breast similar. This may lead the doctor making the breast smaller or bigger, or changing the nipple size or position. Most patients request for larger breast at the end of the operation. In most cases, the surgery is done on the two breast to have the best and desires uniformity.

Therefore, it’s advisable to consult the doctor for proper dealing of micromastia condition.

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