mindfulness for beginners

Mindfulness for Beginners

Mindfulness is the ancient human practice of being in the now, or in other words, being fully present and aware in the current moment. Mindfulness for beginners is usually the most recommended way to start meditating and applying the principles you learn from it in your daily life.

Seating and position and why they are important

For beginners, sitting in one place for extended periods of time can be a very challenging task, harder than it sounds usually. You can start with a chair or a comfortable cushion in the ground with your legs neatly crossed beneath you, make sure it won’t strain your bag too much.

Meditating with mindfulness

Although mindfulness can be used in every waking moment in your daily life, it is best to practice this skill while meditating. Start by observing your breath as you exhale and inhale, and then simply sit and observe your thoughts patiently, you will see how they come and go, drifting around. Don’t try to shut them down, simply observe them and take note of them.

Grounding yourself and staying neutral

This is the key to mindfulness, when your thoughts, emotions, feelings, or even the pain from sitting in one place is passing by, try to ground yourself and view them as they are, in the present moment, without judgment, frustration or opinion, this teaches you to simply accept the current moment as it is.

mindfulness for beginnersMindfulness in your daily life

When you understand the concept, it is easy to see how it has applications in your daily life. Start practicing walking meditation, and applying the principle of staying grounded and present in your every moment when doing all tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, traveling, or working. Practicing mindfulness techniques in your daily life makes you a grounded, calmer and happier person, allowing you to see life for what it is.

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