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Worst Plastic Surgery Accidents

The current world of medicine is filled with doctors who definitely got their licenses out of the cracker jack box. Opting for cheap plastic surgery procedure has left many with horror-like stories to tell starting from simple removal of blemishes to breast implants which got awry. As cosmetic implants and plastic surgery become cheaper and a ‘commonplace’ so is the risk of undergoing worst plastic surgery ever. There are a lot of bad doctors out there, which increases the potential of things going haywire. Let’s take a look at worst plastic surgery accidents in recent years.

Uniboob Attack.
Just after two weeks, Alicia Jenkins had to undergo a surgery to remove the DD breast implants. After worst plastic surgery breastfeeding her son, she saw the breasts had become floppy and had to make them regain their original turgid shape. The breasts kept on expanding and things took a turn for the worse when they started fusing together! She could not support the weight at her chest and the pain was just unbearable.

Monster like Face.
At a pumping party, the 48 years old woman Rajee-Narinesingh had tire sealant and cement injected into her face. The expectations were her face would look younger and fuller. However, the cheap procedure caused her extreme pain. She had a burning sensation and started developing hard pointed rock-like noddles all over her face. This completely disfigured her looks, and she had to look for medical assistance to help reduce the pain.

Leah Cambridge, a 29 years old woman died while under a knife during a plastic surgery. She had butt uplift surgery at Brazil but the buttocks started loosing shape and painful. She had to undergo a plastic surgery to reconstruct them but died on the operation table. 3000 people die each year as a result of complications arising from poor surgical procedures or poor fillers injected in their system.

Plastic surgeries don’t always go as planned. Cosmetic and plastic surgery puts in risk of experiencing irreversible damage or a tragic waste of life. Shut down peer pressure and don’t feel tempted because celebrities all over the world are doing it.

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