• health risk assessment
    General Health

    Importance of health risk assessment

    Health risk assessment is a questionnaire used to collect essential information about the health status, the health risk factors and the quality of life of a person. It's a powerful tool that uses the collected data to address any potential…

  • female having hunchback
    General Health

    Need to fix a hunchback?

    A hunchback is an abnormal spinal curvature leading to a large round lump in the upper back. A hunchback can develop due to poor posture especially when a person spends most of their time browsing on the computer and frequently…

  • General Health

    Physical examination and health assessment

    Many people wonder what happens during a physical examination and health assessment before they visit a doctor or a health care. During the time you are interacting with your doctor, they may ask triggering question that may give them easy…