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Meditation vs Mindfulness

Many people fail to distinguish between meditation and mindfulness although both practices have known physical and health benefits. According to Jon Kabat Zinn, practicing mindfulness is a form of meditation. When we closely examine meditation vs mindfulness, we are able to spot the distinction.

Although the difference between the two is a fine line. Meditation is a broader term that encompasses the practice aimed at attaining ultimate concentration and consciousness, to acknowledge the mind and somehow know what to do or how to control it. Mindfulness, on the other hand, entails focusing on being in the present. Therefore, mindfulness is classified as a form of meditation alongside other meditation techniques such as Tantra, Yoga, Silence, and Breathing.

Meditation and mindfulness usually encompass many similar aspects so they can overlap, but the two aren’t exactly the same.


In simple terms, the term “meditation” is used to refer to the practice of formal seated meditation. There are many formal practices of meditation that can help you expand your awareness, achieve inner peace, calm your mind, open your heart, reduces stress and so much more. Some popular styles or practices of meditation include:

  • Mantra Based Meditation
  • Guided Meditation (like Yoga)
  • Breathe-Awareness (breathing) Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Love and Kindness (emotional) Meditation

Meditation is a distinctively intentional practice where one focuses on the inner self to facilitate concentration, calmness, and emotional balance. You consciously guide your mind towards an anchor (a singular point of focus).

meditation vs mindfulness


Mindfulness is all about being aware and in the present. A person who is in an active mindfulness state usually notices and pays attention to their thoughts, movements, feelings, behaviors and the people around them. Mindfulness is almost metaphysical and one can practice mindfulness at any time anywhere. You just have to be fully engaged in the present (here and now). You can apply mindfulness in your daily activities to help you stay focused rather than letting your mind wander off.

Having closely examined meditation vs mindfulness it is safe to say that both practices offer both physical and mental health benefits if combined together despite their subtle differences.

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