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Child Safety In Your Home To Follow

You need to be aware of some child safety tips if you have kids or have some visiting you. As we all know, kids are curious by nature, and therefore they will be all over the place. Exploring and plundering at any one given moment. So you may want to ensure child safety in the home is observed appropriately.

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Discussed below are ways in which you can go about handling various common accidents in the home.

Child SafetyDrowning

Most drowning in the home takes place in pools and bathtubs.  You should never leave kids unattended in the bathroom or the bathtub. In some cases, small kids have even drowned in toilets.  If you live near a river, pool, lake or any other water body, take caution and ensure that kids cannot leave the compound without your permission.  If you have a pool, have safety gates installed.


This is a very common form of an accident as there are numerous instances in which a kid may fall. Kids may fall off furniture, a bed, from a window, in the bathroom, on the stairs or a slippery floor. Falls are dangerous, and others result in fatalities especially those occurring in the bathroom. Never leave kids alone on furniture, beds or changing tables.  You should always make use of the safety belt and make sure that it’s properly fastened.  Most falls take place on slippery floors and rugs. When disposing of used rugs, ensure that you properly secure them by using a rubber mat.  Staircases are responsible for many falls each year. Kids should never be left unattended near the stairs. Block stairs by use of safety gates if you have toddlers or babies in the home.  Do not leave toys and other such objects on the stairs as they may cause a fall.

Fires and burns

You need to realize that most burns and fires occur in the kitchen. Do not allow kids to hang around the kitchen area as this will reduce the risk of such accidents.  Never let the kids access an area with a lit candle as candles are responsible for quite a number of accidents in our homes each year.

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