Nose Shapes

Know These Ideal Nose Shapes For You

Perhaps it’s high time you stop thinking of having a nose with the same shape as yours. There are about 14 different shapes of the nose that have so far been proven. There are people who have small nose others big nose, but the fact is that the shape of your nose will determine how you generally look through your face.

Here is an Ideal nose shape that you may not have known before — the roman.  It has a prominent bridge which makes it appear more hooked than the other shapes we have seen which are curved. It looks very strong which can indicate a good sign of authority, confidence, and ambition. A good example of such noses can be seen in our beloved actor Tom Cruise.

Greek Nose

It’s rare to find, but those who have such shape envy it a lot. The nose runs from the eyes to the nose tip in a straight line without any kind of bump, depression, curve or hook along the way. Others call it a straight nose because it typically has a pointed tip.

The Duchess

Most of the victims of rhinoplasty have always shown their desire to acquire this kind of shape. It’s a straight nose with an acute tip which makes a face to look very appealing and nice to everyone. Photographers will tell you that this all you need if you are interested in maintaining your general beauty. The name is derived from the British duchess.

The Snub Shape

This is a bottom nose which is slightly widened. It has an elegant look, and the upturned tip displays the nostrils. This kind of shape is adored by many people, and since its small and attractive, many people seem to enjoy having such kind of shape. A good sample of this shape is that of the legendary Elizabeth Taylor.

The Aquiline

The kind of the nose we are talking about has a sleek and straight gentle slope which originate from the eye up to the nostrils. It looks good, and people with such nose shape would look they are of cool personality. Harry Potter exhibit such kind of a nose

Nose ShapesCelestial

Models worry so much of their general look. But with this kind of shape where the nose generally looks soft, refined narrow and angelic, you will believe me when I say it gives a nice look. The nose moves smoothly into a straight line from the eyes to the tip as it makes a delicate turn and curves outward.

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