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Is dental deep cleaning necessary for me?

You may be very busy with work or other life events that you have missed a visit or two to your dentist. When you finally came for your long-overdue consultation, your dentist said that you would need a deep cleaning procedure. Let us discover what this is, its benefits, and answer the question – is dental deep cleaning necessary for any dental patient? Check out Good Choice Dental’s site and know more about different procedures that can answer any of your dental needs. Click here to visit their website.


Deep cleaning procedure

A dental deep cleaning is a process that dentists often recommend when a patient missed his regular teeth cleaning. This procedure is focused primarily on keeping the teeth near the gums free from any plaque of dental caries that may develop into cavities that later cause tooth decay.


How is deep dental cleaning performed?

deep cleaning procedure

Also known as gum therapy or scaling and root planing, dental deep cleaning involves procedures that ‘scales’ or removes plaque buildup, as well as tartar formation on the surface of the tooth up to the spaces in between teeth. The dentist may go clean the side of the teeth that are as deep as under the gums just to make sure that no plaque or tartar is left behind. Dr Jack Bella Vista Dentist clinic use manual scaling tools but may opt for more advanced ultrasonic equipment.


Benefits and downsides of deep-cleaning procedure

Because the cleaning is extensive (from the crown to the tooth roots), it is almost a sure thing that bacteria buildup on your teeth is eradicated. That may be the best benefit you can get from this procedure. The risk of having tooth decay is very low because consistent deep cleaning procedures can definitely reduce the chances of you losing your teeth.

However, there are a couple of disadvantages that most dentists see on this procedure that makes them wonder what makes dental deep cleaning necessary for their patients.

  1. The cost is not covered by insurance. A deep cleaning procedure can cost you a price range of $300 to a whopping $2000! The sad part is, most dental insurance policies do not include this as a necessary dental procedure, so the expenses are shouldered by the patients alone.
  2. It can affect the integrity of the gums. Because the gums have to be manipulated to access the roots of the tooth, it can cause wounds and injuries to the gum tissue. This may make the patient be at risk of gum infection.
  3. The cleaning may cause fillings to be removed. When filling a tooth, the dentist removes the damaged parts of the tooth and makes the hole a bit bigger to accommodate the filling. So if a filling gets removed, tooth sensitivity or pain may be expected, and the bacteria may seep through the hole and reach the pulp in no time, creating further complications.


Is dental deep cleaning necessary for me?

The answer is tricky. You must have complete trust for your dentist when he says you need it because he is the professional who knows your dental history ad condition better than you. Or if you are still in doubt, ask for a second opinion., other dentists may give you other options to address your dental issue. Also, discuss your condition with your insurance provider and get some advice on what immediate dental procedures are covered by your policy so you would know when they can help you with your finances and when they can’t.

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