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What Indicates A Healthy Teeth Color?

There are several theories and myths revolving around the concept of what should tell a healthy teeth color. Most people choose white as the healthiest since this is what they see on TV, the internet, or photos of celebrities. Whereas, yellow teeth are considered unhealthy, unappealing, and not a sign of good oral hygiene. But the truth is that the only time that you need to whiten your teeth is due to aesthetic purposes. If you know someone or are experiencing this issue, this Unanderra family practice offers healthcare to all the family members that are concerned with their teeth whitening blues.

Reasons for Your Teeth’s Color

Surprisingly, our teeth are not naturally white but maybe just close to that color. Healthy teeth color according to dentists and scientists is around the color of yellow to grayish-white. So what makes your teeth yellow naturally? If we’re looking at our teeth closely, there are various parts that make up its anatomy. The outside of a tooth is called enamel which has a blueish-white color. Enamel is translucent in color that shows dentin, a yellowish darker appearance. These characteristics of the teeth explain why it is yellow naturally. However, there are lots of other reasons that describe non-white teeth and here are some of them:


Generally, we all know that smoking is bad for a person’s health. For this reason, smoking affects not just our lungs but many parts of the body react to it. Yellow teeth are associated with smokers due to the nicotine that sticks to our teeth’s enamel. In worst cases, darker teeth, or even gum bleeding happens when a person does not take limit their habits of smoking.


As we get older in age, our body does a lot of natural changes as well. Our bones get weaker as time goes by. Our facial muscles droop and our teeth’s enamel gets thinner and thus makes our teeth turn yellow.


Some medicines such as antibiotics or medications for children may affect a healthy teeth color. Medicine that is also used by adults for allergy problems and high blood pressure also affects the teeth’s color.

Poor Dental Care

what indicates a healthy teeth color

An obvious reason for your teeth’s discoloration is due to lack of oral hygiene. Plaque and cavities worsen our teeth’s condition making it yellowish in color. However, if these dental problems are not taken care of, it may lead to tartar or even dental illnesses such as periodontitis, gingivitis, or tooth decay.

Why Do I Need To Whiten My Teeth Then?

People mention that having white teeth is a sign of being responsible for your teeth. Some do not care about the color of the teeth as long as they do their daily dental hygiene routine.  On the other hand, if you are that person who wants the aesthetic purpose of whitening teeth, there are products readily available for you in the market.

Your Dentist Can Check A Healthy Teeth Color

To ensure your teeth’s health, the expert on the field goes to dentists. A dentist is the only one who is able to tell a healthy teeth color from an unhealthy one. Besides proper brushing of your teeth, allow yourself to set schedules in teeth cleaning and dental check-ups. Who knows what needs to be done unless you visit your local dental clinic soon.

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