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What Makes a Healthy Smile

Good dental habits are the first key to a healthy smile. Thanks to advances in modern technology, bleaching, and vinification in dental transplantation, beautiful healthy smiles have become even more feasible. Chances of a dentist telling you that dental technology and a daily basis of good dental hygiene are the key to a healthy smile.

Here are some common good practices that can lead to a healthy smile

  • Teeth must be brushed in a day at least two times with round soft bristle toothbrush.  For those using electric toothbrush make sure it’s approved by the local dentist board
  • The toothbrush should be replaced after every three months
  • The toothpaste should contain fluoride
  • Clean all surfaces of teeth – hold the toothbrush tight, but be careful not to damage the enamel.
  • Remember to clean your tongue a healthy smile
  • Teeth should be flossed once a day.
  • Follow a healthy diet, with lots of fresh greens and fruits.
  • Include other products that are good for the mouth, including yogurt, milk, nuts, etc.
  • Soft drinks and foods with a lot of sugar are unhealthy to the teeth.
  • Sticky foods Should be avoided.
  • Avoid tobacco products and addicts should reduce these habits.

Doing these steps does not automatically ensure white, simple and beautiful teeth. Yet he or she should make his or her teeth should be healthy inside even if the outside part is not great. Healthy teeth are the best candidates for improving cosmetics and good dental care ensures that any cosmetics you choose will remain beautiful for many years.

Of course, if you do not follow your routine or even if you follow it you may still have dental problems. Therefore, remember when leaving your Norman Park dentist near Carindale Family Dentist clinic there are other ways in this era of restoring a smile and you should continue to take care of your teeth to keep a beautiful healthy smile.

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