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Importance of health risk assessment

Health risk assessment is a questionnaire used to collect essential information about the health status, the health risk factors and the quality of life of a person. It’s a powerful tool that uses the collected data to address any potential health risk factor, declare the intervention targeted and advice to reduce the risks observed is given. When you are asked by your doctor for your health status, make sure your doctor is member of an international medical association. This is a tool that is used in all working places as it has several importance to the individuals and the population.

Health risk assessment allows occupational risks prevention. Since risks can’t be eliminated in a working area, there should be measures to reduce and control the risks that might affect the employees. Thus the tool is used to identify the risks involved, evaluate them and establish measures to be undertaken to protect their employees’ health and safety.

It provides employees and customers with information with regard to their health and safety in the working environment. Reason being, the health risk assessment outlines the hazards and informs everyone how the hazards have been effectively managed and assure them of safety when around the workplace.

health risk assessmentThis enables an organization to agree with the health and safety requirements. It normally demonstrates the company’s commitment to safety and protection thus creating a culture of compliance of health and safety. This will make the employees and customers in the organization to consent and maintain this standard of health and safety.

It provides training to workers. Risk assessment enables those in the workplace to be to absolutely educated and trained the health and safety procedures that are relevant in any working environment. This makes them aware of any risk that may arise and they are able to take precautions where necessary.

It’s a legal requirement as you are required by the law to assess the risks in the workplace. This helps you put a manageable plan to control the risks that may affect the individuals in the working environment.

Therefore, an employer should provide a health risk assessment to ensure that every individual in the working area is protected against any danger that may arise. This will show responsibility on the part of the employer to their employees and customers.

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