breast implant removal cost

Breast Implant Removal Cost

In the early 2000s, women of all ages began a breast implant boom. They saw women like Pamela Anderson with her newly acquired breasts and decided that was for them. In fact, during this time, plastic surgery for breasts went up an astonishing 50 percent. However, as time moved forward, the implants became more of a hassle than a blessing. It is important to understand what the breast implant removal cost is before deciding to go that route. You can also read at how much implants cost in Thailand, for more information.

Factors Regarding Breast Implant Removal

Breast implants do not last forever. Over time, they begin to deflate. This causes cosmetic issues as well as health problems. The lifespan of silicone is between 10 to 20 years. Once they reach their expiration, additional surgery to replace or remove is required.

Larger breasts, whether they are natural or cosmetic, can eventually lead to neck, shoulder and back pain. As you get older, these problems are more noticeable than the younger you.

Problems may arise medically with your breast implants. They could rupture causing the silicone to seep into your body. The implants could start protruding through your skin. An infection can begin to develop where antibiotics do not work. The most severe medical issue is the development of cancer.

The average cost of breast implant removal is approximately $3,000. This typically includes the hospital stay, surgeons fees as well as other related costs. It is important to find the most experienced surgeon for this delicate breast implant removal costprocedure. You may also decide to research doctors outside of the United States who may be able to perform the surgery at a lower expense.

Insurance companies typically do not pay for any cosmetic surgery. So it is mostly an out of pocket charge. However, if it is a dangerous medically necessity, they will cover it. If your doctor deems it is a medical emergency, the insurance company cannot deny you. This is covered by the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998.

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