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Teeth Gap Bands: The Risk Not to Take

We are now in a world where social media is more powerful than radio or the newspaper, so chances are, taking pictures especially of ourselves is already part of the culture. And who wouldn’t want to look good for less, right? So, while thinking about ways to improve yourself, you may have encountered and you see online articles and videos about teens who improved their looks by having a do-it-yourself orthodontic treatment using teeth gap bands. What are these, how do they work, and are they really effective? Let’s all find out. If you’re looking for a dental clinic that provides safe orthodontic treatments, you can visit Canberra’s trusted clinic, Dental Excellence today.

What are the teeth gap bands?

Gap bands are elastic rubber bands similar to what a dentist or orthodontist use in adjusting dental braces. Videos of teens who have used them claim that anyone can close a gap on their teeth by simply slipping a gap band around two teeth. They swear by the idea and would even show you before and after pictures of how their smiles then and now look like.

Are gap bands effective?

Not really. Will they help move the teeth? Yes, because logically, the band would exert pressure on the teeth it surrounds, so they don’t have a choice but to move. But moving your teeth on your own may have consequences you would never expect.

What are the risks of using gap bands?

teeth gap bandsBecause you are not under the supervision of a dental professional, management of your DIY orthodontic procedure is risky. The band may go as high up your gums and damage tissues that may cause you to lose your teeth. It can also introduce bacteria once you slip it around your teeth with your bare hands.

Orthodontists claim that they have been experiencing an increase in the number of patients showing up due to complications of using gap bands. So instead of saving money and doing their orthodontic procedure on their own, they now have to pay more so they can save, or worse, replace their damaged teeth.

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