effects of physical abuse
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Effects of physical abuse

Both children and adults can be victims of physical abuse from those people they value in their lives. Apart from the physical abuse resulting to clear physical effects, it can also cause emotional effects on the victims. Some of the effects of physical abuse can either be long term or short term and can lead to serious consequences. Children are likely to carry the effects of the physical abuse to their adulthood which may extend to their families or their environment. The common effects of physical abuse are frequently experienced during early and late stages. If you wanna know what they are, keep on reading for more info.

The common effects of physical abuse that are frequently experienced of all the ages include:

1.Body injuries

When you are a victim of physical abuse, body injuries are some of the early effects that you shall experience. The effects can both be external and internal injuries hence the need for proper examination during the medication of any physical abuse. Visible evidence such as bruises, deep cuts, broken bones, and pain are highly related to most cases of physical abuse.

2.Extreme changes in emotional behaviours effects of physical abuse

Even though the abuse can be physical, the long term effect can result in changes in emotional behaviours. Victims of physical abuse are likely to experience depression which may affect their emotional stability and behaviour. Physical abuse may lower the self-esteem, cause fear and make it difficult for the victim to openly express their feelings. Emotional effects may result in suicidal behaviour, panic disorder and extreme cases of stress when not addressed at the right time.

3.Disability and death

Different victims of physical abuse are subjected to physical beating using objects which may permanently affect the body parts leading to disability. Cases such as blindness, eye damage, and brain damage among many other possible disabilities are likely to be experienced. Death can equally result from physical abuse where dangerous objects are used on the victims.

Sometimes it can be difficult to recover or treat physical abuse especially when it has been experienced for a long time. Even those who don’t undergo physical abuse but witness it happening to their loved ones can equally be affected.

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