how much does pinhole gum surgery cost
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How Much Does Pinhole Gum Surgery Cost?

A lot of people go to hospitals and clinics for different concerns but a major part of their checkups may involve surgical treatments. Surgeries sound painful, sometimes it’s even a traumatic experience if it involves a very sensitive part of your body. Gums are prone to such surgeries due to causes like periodontal diseases, crooked teeth or underbite, and of course, gum receding. If you’re that person who suffers from gum receding, lessen the potential health risk and try the pinhole surgical treatment at your nearest dental clinic. You will be able to check how much does pinhole gum surgery cost by browsing their catalogs or getting a scheduled appointment with them.


What is Pinhole Gum Surgery?

People experience fear when going to the dentist. For this reason, people often ignore the importance of doing basic dental checkups on a routine. That fear is doubled when they are told to have pinhole gum surgery for receding gums and it is badly needed. Gum recession happens when tissue that surrounds the teeth and gums starts to thin out and lose the support it gives. This leads to the root of your teeth being exposed and causes higher risks in gum sensitivity, tooth decay, and unbearable pain. What difference does pinhole gum surgery have from other surgeries such as gum grafting? While gum grafting is the most common surgery preferred for this dental issue, pinhole gum surgery has less invasive procedures as the procedure involves adding collagen or alternative tissue material to the receded area.

However, this surgery does not shy away from the pain that may be felt after the procedure. The good thing about this surgery is that it can potentially give you faster results or have less time in recovering than gum grafting or flap scaling.


Tips For the Surgery Costhow much does pinhole gum surgery cost

Most clinics give an extensive and detailed document will be given to you if you’re curious about how much does pinhole gum surgery cost. Some even give a comparison table from other surgeries in contrast to pinhole gum surgery. What’s so great about this situation is that pinhole gum surgery is generally included in medical insurances since it is a periodontal surgery. To save a huge amount of money from the surgery, you should discuss with your health insurance company for the clinics with pinhole gum surgery treatments. Be sure to look out for other dental clinics that can offer financial planning and other options to breakdown the payment.


How To Prevent Gum Receding

If you are one who is constantly worried about how much does pinhole gum surgery cost, then there are preventive measures for your dental problems. Start by brushing your teeth gently, avoiding the bumping on your gums and use a mouthwash than strengthens your enamel and gum tissues. Smoking is also one of the main causes of unhealthy gums since it causes sticky plaque and may even lead to cancerous cells in the mouth. On the other hand, most people naturally have gum recession due to hormonal problems or can genetically acquire this problem. Schedule an appointment from your local dentist as soon as you see your teeth being exposed due to your gums receding.

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