mindfulness activities for kids

Mindfulness Activities for Kids

Mindfulness activities for kids help with emotional regulation and cognitive focus. It can improve their ability to pay attention and to calm down which in turn makes them take a better decision. Here are some of the best activity for kids.

Listen to the bell 

This activity is a practice to listen to sounds. Kids will listen to the sound until they cannot hear it anymore. They will describe the sound and in turn, will make them pay attention and be more focused.

Take 10 breathe

Ask the children to close their eyes and place their hand at the belly. Then gently inhale and exhale. At the same time let them think they are having a butterfly in hand and each time they exhale make sure their fingers show the butterfly flying. Another way to be focused on children.

Smell and tell 

Let the child close their eye and pass something with a good smell like flowers or fruit. Ask them to focus on what thing that pass them.

The art of touch 

This activity let the child focus on what thing they are touching. Let them sit down, close their eye and touch some of the thing given and ask them to guess.

Draw your emotion 

Sometime children cannot tell you about how they feel. This activity is a way of them describing what they feel by drawing it, for example happy, sad or afraid. Help them out to describe this and you will find out what they feel at that moment.

Silence game

In this activity, the child will be keeping silence his voice and also the body for a period of time and focus to surrounding sound. Once the timer finishes we will guide the children to tell what was he listening to at that silence moment. This is a great way to reduce stress and focus.

mindfulness activities for kidsTake a nature walk 

Ask the kid to collect a few things when walking home and touch and feel it. Then ask them to describe what did they feel and talk about it. This is a fun way for the kids and can release their stress.

Through these mindfulness activities for kids, it will give them a stress-free life and began to focus and pay more attention to all things in their life.

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