sinus lift surgery alternatives
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Sinus Lift Surgery Alternatives

Dental surgeons offer sinus lift surgery alternatives that include short implants and the crestal approach to their patients. It’s critical for patients to comprehend what happens during sinus lift surgery before jumping into conclusion.

What is sinus lift surgery?

Maxillofacial surgeons and periodontists also refer to it as sinus augmentation. Naturally, the upper jaw has less bone structure than the lower jaw since the roots of the teeth on the back jaw holds up the maxillary sinus. Missing teeth in this section makes sinus to drop down which in turn reduces the bone structure that supports a dental prosthesis. Sinus lift surgery involves lifting the sinus membrane after which a bone material is put between your jaw and the maxillary sinus. Few months after the surgery, a healthy bone structure grows.

Sinus bone structure alternatives

1. Short implants
This sinus alternative doesn’t require lifting. Periodontists and oral surgeons prefer short wide implants in case of a deficiency in bone height that is necessary for the support of regular implants. According to recent studies, the success rate of short implants is equivalent to regular implants. Besides, the alternative helps to reduce tissue injury in the jaw. sinus lift surgery alternatives

2. Crest approach to sinus augmentation
This alternative supports the traditional sinus lift via the use of Hiossen’s CAS-KIT, Crestal Approach Sinus Kit. This helps to reduce the risk of membrane tearing. The design of the drill also allows for its usage on sinus floors that tend to be flat and inclined.

It’s advisable for patients to discuss sinus lift surgery alternatives in comparison with the traditional sinus augmentation with their dentists. This is a sophisticated procedure that requires guidance and significance contribution of a dental professional. Dentists are always ready to offer optimal dental services to their patients. Never rush to make up your mind; always take your time with a professional dentist.

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