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Emergency Care of Toothache During Pregnancy

As a result of hormonal variations during pregnancy, gums can develop high sensitivity to brushing and flossing which can cause toothache during pregnancy. Such dental diseases can affect the pregnancy since they cause swelling, bleeding, and tenderness to the gums. Suffering from toothache also poses a greater risk of premature delivery.

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Home remedies for toothache during pregnancy


1. Clove oil

Clove oil is a natural antiseptic that works effectively in toothache. It can eliminate bacterial infections, therefore, making it an alternative medicine for dental problems. It is chewed or rubbed on the painting tooth and around the gum area.


2. Aloe Vera

This is the most efficient plant for toothache cure during pregnancy. It contains 99% water with a variety of healing properties. It reduces swelling, bleeding and inflammation of gums during pregnancy.


toothache during pregnancy garlic

3. Garlic

During pregnancy, it is recommended not to use antibiotics and painkillers. This makes garlic one o effective medicine for pregnant women. It is directly chewed or applied to the painting booth. Garlic has an antibiotic called allicin that destroys the bacterial causing infection.



4. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a neutralizer of acids that result in gum infections in the mouth. The baking soda is mixed with toothpaste for effective cleaning of the mouth.


5. Neem Leaves

For several years, Neem leaves have been used to heal inflamed and irritated gums in pregnant women. They have antimicrobial characteristics that reduce plaques and gum bleeding. It is recommended to be chewed after a meal to keep off bacterial and fungal diseases.


6. Tea Tree Oil

This is one of the most effective cures for dental diseases. It contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory problems. Pregnant women are recommended to rinse their mouth with water and tree oil. This helps to destroy the microorganisms causing infection.



The above treatments are used for immediate effect since they can help pregnant women to take care of bleeding gums and toothache during pregnancy. If the pain does not reduce, it is recommended to visit website for your guide.

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