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Need to fix a hunchback?

A hunchback is an abnormal spinal curvature leading to a large round lump in the upper back. A hunchback can develop due to poor posture especially when a person spends most of their time browsing on the computer and frequently carrying of heavy luggage. A physio or chiropractor can help to correct your posture.

Some of the other possible causes include neck or spine injuries, being overweight which  causes a forward curve in the upper back, muscle imbalance due to working out of the core and chest muscles more than the upper back and also scoliosis which is the sideways curving of the spine. Kyphosis which refers to a condition brought about by bone disorder is another cause for an abnormal rounded spine.
Depending on the causes that lead to a hunch man with hunchbackback, a hunch back can be treated in many ways which include stretching exercises, maintaining a good posture and also surgery in case of a severe spinal condition. Regular and simple exercises would be a good starting point to fix a hunchback and getting a good natural posture.

An exercise that is recommended to correct a hunchback is the chest stretch, that involves standing with your hands held behind your back keeping your arms straight and gently lifting your arms until you feel a good stretch in the shoulder and chest muscles. This stretch is one of the important exercises to do on a daily basis and it also feels good. The upper arm stretch is another exercise that is important in your daily stretching routine that involves extending one of your arms out while placing your other hand behind the elbow your extended arm. Pull your arm gently towards your chest while feeling the stretch in your upper arm. Shoulder lift is also an important exercise which involves lifting your shoulders up towards the ears while inhaling and rolling them down while exhaling.

Making an overall lifestyle change is very important in correcting a hunchback. Eating foods rich in nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D is also important for the growth of strong and healthy bones in your body.

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