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Plastic Surgery After Facial Trauma

Whether it’s the result of physical violence or a life-threatening accident, facial trauma could happen instantly. In the case of most patients, this kind of trauma is treated right after the incident. Patients can receive instant care at the nearest facility. However, you could still have some sort of facial disfigurement even after the surgery. Do you think that plastic surgery could fix your confidence? The good news is further care in the form of plastic surgery after trauma can better the appearance of the patient and may help boost their confidence.

Plastic surgical procedure after facial trauma

All post-traumatic reconstruction procedures include repairing injuries of soft tissues. Usually, stitches are administered to fix most of the injuries. With the use of microsurgery techniques, salivary glands, facial nerves, and salivary ducts can also be fixed. Soft tissue asymmetry, deficiency or misalignment can be corrected after traumatic repair.

facial traumaMost of the serious facial injuries involve repairing of facial bone fractures. Repairing fractures can improve and enrich facial form as well as functionality. This is done with the use of plate and screw fixation tools. Such devices help to connect facial bones in order to stabilize the facial structure properly in the required form. In case the bones are asymmetric or the bite is off, a post-traumatic surgery will correct or improve the problem in most cases.

During the procedure, the facial tissues, bones, nerves, and blood vessels could be cut and moved using various surgical techniques. Other body parts may donate tissues or bones to fix the problem. Usually, the reconstruction process takes about 4 to 12 hours. However, complex cases could take additional time.

Severe facial trauma due to an accident or other forms of injuries can disturb the life of the patient to a great extent. However, post-traumatic reconstruction can restore the face to its normal condition. Whether the face is partially damaged or has sustained major injuries, reconstruction of the face can enhance the looks and appearance to its original position.

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