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Stress management activities

The fact is that when one is focusing on something, it makes him/her to dynamically move, or act, in turn, keeps his/her mind busy and body working. There are people who tend to bite their fingers, other start grinding teeth, unable to concentrate on other things. Due to this, it good to find stress management activities to avoid harming your self.


Physical exercises, such as jogging, running, walking, working out in a gym, swimming, cycling would definitely make anyone active and dynamic, further, it does give a perfect balance between the cardiovascular cells and tissues, relaxes the muscles, makes the body, more flexible. While doing the physical exercises, we would be concentrating on the ongoing activities, thereby avoiding the isolated state, which is more prone to stress conditions.


This may consist of some kind of brainstorming sessions, rapid quizzes, active debates, dynamic group discussions, even games involving mental abilities like chess, mind games like word search, Sudoku, etc. the brain has the power to map the occurrences often, for example, if I didn’t do a presentation well, which I had dreamt of doing for a long time, obviously it would cause stress in my mind and my brain maps the occurrences of the situation again and again, the condition would be worse in the case of people, who don’t forget things whatever happened in the past. In such situations, it lies in our hands to divert the mind to some other attraction, so that we would forget about it for a while!

Laughing therapy

Many of us would have seen the people at the beaches standing and laughing at themselves, or at others (if they are in groups). I even heard that there are laughing clubs to follow this therapy, as a habit. It is believed that such exercises would heal the sufferings inside the heart if any.

group therapy to learn stress management activities


It is one of the oldest exercises in the physical and mental disciplines, which in fact originated from India. It is more effective than the other stress relief activities, as it comprises a dynamic package consisting of physical and mental exercises, breathing exercises, meditation. Performing yoga can provide wide benefits, such as,

  • Increase in body flexibility.
  • Effective breathing practices.
  • Sound balance between the body and the mind.
  • Deep sleep.
  • Muscle relaxation.
  • Reduces physical and mental stress.

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